The labour market has never been so organized and optimized. Welcome to the third industrial revolution.
Transformative workforce platform
WorkN is a transformative workforce platform for staffing firms and companies to work on-demand and do mobile scheduling
More users every day
As a worker using WorkN you will see your shifts or assignments in real time, be able to check in and check out and review your employer more and more. If you are a contractor you will also get access to new work opportunities once you have been vetted as a trusted member in the market.
On-demand marketplace to access local contractors
Built on the Serveture platform, companies can manage their staff with the most advanced shift management capabilities. This is, in turn, complements an unparalleled on-demand marketplace to access local contractors.
"Market Makers"
WorkN relies on “Market Makers" to onboard companies in a specific market and recruit, curate and vet contractors for those companies.

Powered by Serveture

A robust marketplace engine called Serveture sits behind WorkN managing the attributes, matching rules, geofencing, billings, reporting, reviews for each market maker and their respective companies and workers.

Official application of Erste Liga
We developed the official application of the Erste Liga, which keeps us up-to-date with the status of the ice hockey tournament and players.
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