Change the world with your opinion. Tell us what you think!
New digital polling solution on the market
A new, innovative mobile application to measure public opinion

Your opinion matters!

Voting is not only your inalienable right but even an opportunity. It’s a chance for us all to get to know our world better and even change it for the better.

Voting can be both fun and educational at the same time
The app will send you questionnaires on a regular basis, about everyday life, traditions, public issues. After voting you can see what other users think.
A poll where your vote matters
The application motivates and encourages you to vote and answer the questions. After every vote, you receive Pulzus-points that can be turned into valuable gifts later.
Innovative digital solutions with experienced analysts.
In Pulzus, questions and answers are formulated according to the scientific methodology used in public opinion polls. The research is valued, weighted and analyzed by the most experienced researchers in Hungary.
The virtual gaming assistant
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