The virtual gaming assistant
Connect your games you play!
A voice assistant delivering the unique experience of undisrupted gaming sessions and personalized gaming.
Fridai is voice activated, it is like having a friend sitting next to you while gaming to help you with anything you need so you can focus on immersing yourself in your favorite games.
Your own virtual gaming assistant
It’s an assistant for gamers and eSport players. It helps you perform tasks - without pausing an intense gaming session - like content creation or posting to social media.
It’s an AI powered virtual assistant living in your PC and smartphone ready to help you with your gaming life. Fridai is the future of truly personalized gaming and provides frictionless, speedy access to everything you need.
The technology behind it is capable of understanding the context of speech, learns from the users and most importantly there is no new interface you need to get used to, you can use it in the most natural way.
AYCM – All You Can Move
The AYCM SportPass is a digital sports pass for almost all sports facilities in Hungary.
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